Semi automatic drill TGDAM

  • Semi automatic drill TGDAM
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Semi-automatic drilling machine with two opposing heads, the upper head race is manual, while that of the lower head is automatic. The drill is very versatile and lends itself easily to the creation of small holes and large diameter, of articles in glass, optical glass, crystal, ceramic, stone and composite materials, avoiding any type of chipping.


The drill can operate with only the upper head as a normal manual drill also is equipped with a press-glass equipped with precision linear guides placed inside the top head to protect from splashing water, glass powder, or other materials which can be harmful to the sliding. Unloading of carrots is automatic, the drills shafts are constructed with stainless steel and mounted on precision bearings. The manual of the upper drill bit stroke is 150mm, while the automatic head is less than 200mm above the supporting surface of the object to be drilled (worktable). The programming of the rapid ascent data of the lower drill bit and the feed rate, is via the touch screen, the movement is given by the brushless motor, the speed of rotation of the drill bit is controlled by an inverter and displayed on the tachometer of the front panel.


Installed power: 380-400 Volt
Motor power: 3 KW
Compressed air: 5 Bar 6 l/min.
Watre: 2-3 Bar 6 l/min.
Diam. Min hole: 5 mm
Diam. Max hole: 100 mm
Diam Max items: 800 mm
Height Max items: 450 mm


Width: 200 mm
Depth: 1600 mm
Height: 2200 mm
Weight: 700 Kg.


Greater than the bore diameter
Diamond tools
Inox tank with wheels and pump for water recycling
special equipment for centering and clamping of the objects to be drilled