The company Batisti Meccanica was established in 1960 as a precision mechanical factory for manufacturing prototypes and machines for the second stage (cold work) as well as the manufacturing of manual machines. Over the years, the company has dedicated itself to the design and the construction of manual, semi automatic and automatic machines for working hollow glass, flat glass, crystal, alumina, stone and composite materials.

Batisti Meccanica is known all over the world for quality, reliability and for continuous progress of its machines.




Essential concepts: Quality of materials - High tech research - Project to simplify the management and maintenance of the machine.

Our production includes various works of glass and crystal, from manual to automatic machines. The functions of the machines include cutting, finishing, drilling, bevelling, grinding, polishing and engraving. We also have machines designed and manufactured on special requests from our clients. Innovation and creation of new machines is continuous. Repairs and updates of old machines are made by our skilled workers.

All machines manufactured by Batisti meccanica are studied, drawn and realized according to the detailed list from the customers. The shape of finished products became during the years very complex, but the company has followed all the necessities obtaining accurate, easy to use, fast and efficacious machines. Our machines are suitable for many products made of all kind of glass and crystal like vases, lamps, glasses, table ware etc and also for composite materials, marble, stone etc.

Every product is made from careful design. Every client’s requirements are analyzed in order to provide an efficient and profitable result. 

System and machines which create the future

In general people thinks quality of a machine always means technological complexities. Our company has a different mindset. After many years of experience in working with these materials, we have made it our mission to manufacture simple and user-friendly machines, while also focusing on productivity and efficiency.