Manual flattening CD500-600

  • Manual flattening CD500-600 inverter
  • Manual flattening CD500-600
Type of machine: 
Type of processing: 


Grinding of solid and hollow shape objects. Very suitable for lighting items.


It is a machine manufactured for grinding by means of diamond plates. Its versatility allows to resolve those problems that arrive by the shape of the articles to be worked. The operator has the possibility to change his working position near the machine, in order to find the correct way for working, as per the shape of the object to be ground. The base of the machine can get automatic by means of some devices, as per the customer’s  requirements.


Max diameter of the diamond plate:  700mm
Diameter of the inox tank:1000mm
Installed power: kw
Water consumption: 2-3 Bar 10Lt/min
No. 6 speeds (without inverter):
Vmin 320g/m Vmax 1800g/m
Adjustable speed (with inverter):
from 0 to 2000g/min


Width: 1100 mm
Depth: 1350 mm
Height: 1100 mm
Weight: 350 kgs.


Inox tank with pump for water recycling
Rpm variator with inverter.
Metallic or resin diamond plates:from 400 to 700 mm