Manual cutting SMV600

  • Manual cutting SMV600
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This cutting machine is suitable for all the items in crystal or glass, but it had been built just for lighting articles.


The machine  type SMV 600 utilizes diamond discs diameter from 200 to 350 mm. The manufacturing of it had been decided after the continuous requests from crystal factories who desired to have perfect cuts on big articles , without waste. Every type of cut can be made by means of this machine on regular and also irregular shapes.


Max diameter of cutting: 700 mm
Min diameter: 20 mm
Max height: 700 mm
Min height: 20 mm
Electtromechanical adjustment of the cut height
4 speeds of the diamond disc: from 2300 to 3700 rpm
Installed power: 3 KW
Water: 2/3 Bar Lt 10/min.
Compressed air: 5 Bar 20 Lt/min.
Sucker for holding the glass with vacuum producer


Height: 1800 mm
Depth: 2000 mm
Width: 1400 mm
Weight: 410 kgs.


  • Tank inox steel + pump for water recycling
  • Diamond discs
  • Fixtures on customer’s request