Manual cutting DV26

  • Manual cutting DV26
Type of machine: 
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This manual cutting is very suitable tor cutting glass and crystal items in every shape : vases, glasses, lamps etc. The tixtures tor holding the pieces during special cuts are supplied on request trom the customers and in this case are demanded some samples. 


The mach/ne utilizes diamond discs trom 300 to450mm. The table has 2 T caves tor tixing the holding items equipments, lt is built in aluminium piote 30 mm thickness 700 x 500 longitudinal to the diamond disc, The run ot the fobie is 800 mm and it is mounted on rectified inox steel guides that are well protected against the water. The height trom the axis ot the holding diamond wheel mandrel to the table is adjustable trom O to 600 mm.


Installed Power 2Kw
4 Speed from 1500 to 3500 RPM
Water 2/3 Bar LT. 10/min


Width: 1200 mm
Depth 1800 mm
Height 1200 mm
Weith 450 Kg


Inox tank with whells and pump for water recycling
Equipments on request
Diamond discs