Automatic washing LAV

  • Automatic washing LAV
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The machine was designed and built for washing the outside and inside of glass bottles or glass.


The machine is equipped with two special brushes, the first working inside the bottle, the second working outside of the same. The internal washing takes place with the aid of hot water pushing pressure from a TS type pump to facilitate the detachment of dirt accumulations. The external washing operates if the brush has finished its working cycle. The water used for washing is drawn by the pump from a stainless steel tank from 150 liters capacity, full of resistance and thermostat for regulating the temperature. The return of the water used for washing is filtered before returning to the circle. The tank is equipped with wheels for its positioning outside the machine.


Installed power 5 Kw
Compressed air 5Bar consumtion 5NL/min
Pressure water pump 3 Bar


Lenght 2100mm
Width 1500mm
Height 2300mm
Weight 400Kg


  • Brushes having different shapes depending on the profile of the bottle to be washed.