Automatic transfer LB6-ST

  • Automatic transfer LB6-ST
  • Automatic transfer LB6-ST
  • Automatic transfer LB6-ST


This machine is suitable for making crack-off, grinding, inside and outside bevelling, polishing and washing on the top on glass or blown crystal items. The machine is reliable and high performance.


The rotating transfer machine type LB6 ST has been designed and built for: Engraving and Cutting cap with thermic shock (GPL oxygen - hydrogen – oxygen) or with laser, rough and fine grinding and washing. The auto-centering mandrels are standard type M.BB, with pneumatic controlled system. The glass advancing to the wheels is controlled by means of dampers. The movements are placed into the high side of the table. They are well protected, out from the water and the glass powders. The electro-mandrels holding wheels are type S2000 (Batisti system). This system is mounted on precision spheres bearings and the innovative concept of the pneumatic floating system gives a rotation without any type of vibrations and a long life to the machine and save the glass from chips.


Diameter of the feet  Min  30 mm  Max 130 mm
Diameter of the top  Min  40 mm  Max 150 mm
Height  Min  50 mm  Max 300 mm
Cap height  Min  20 mm  Max 200 mm
Installed power  6 KW
Compressed air  6 Bar  60 Lt/min.
Water  1/2  Bar  2/3 Lt/min.


Cutting with Laser
Automatic loading and unloading