Automatic reburning BT6

  • Automatic reburning BT6
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The hot burning machine Type BT/6 is very suitable for pressed, spinning made and fixed blown items that need to be burned again or polished.


It is a transfer machine with 6 plates holding piece. Max diameter 400 mm., max height 350 mm. with continuous or step selecting rotation. It utilizes 6 round burners and 4 comb burners.The alimentation can be with compressed air + gas, or air + gas + oxygen for the more difficult items.


Installed power: 4 KW
Compressed air: 50-60 STP m3/hour at 1,5 Bar
Methane gas: 5-6 STP m3/hour at 0,8 Bar
Oxygen: 1,5-2 STP m3/hour at 2 Bar


Lenght: 2200 mm
Width: 2220 mm
Height: 2300 H
Weight: 1500 Kg