Automatic polishing LX1

  • Automatic polishing LX1 - cognac
  • Automatic polishing LX1 - tequila
  • Automatic polishing LX1 - caps
Type of machine: 
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Machine studied and manufactured for polishing glass and crystal articles, for example bottles different dimensions as per the customers’s needs


The automatic polishing machine type LX1 works automatically by means of cloths with pumice stone or cerium oxide. The main characteristic of this machine is the possibility to oscillate along a vertical axis of the holding support head. this possibility with the utilization of pumice stone or cerium oxide, as polishing, makes the machine unique in its sort and allows it to polish the more imperfect surfaces too.


Alimentation:380 V 3 phases 50 Hz
Installed power: 5 KW
Rotations od the divisor steps
steps: 90°steps:180°continuous
Diameter of the cloths: 500 mm
Polishing material pumice stone or cerium oxide
Max run of the table holding glass:from 0 to 500 mm
Capacity of the table holding glass:1000 N


Height:1700 mm
Depth: 1500 mm
Width: 900 mm
Weight: 7000 N

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