Automatic Grinding MV2000

  • Automatic Grinding MV2000
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The grinder type NV2000 is designed for the grinding of glass lists one side at a time.


The minimum size of the glass list, or crystal is 25mm, and the maximum of 150mm. The minimum length of the list is 200mm, and the maximum of 2000mm. The diamond tool feed rate is controlled by an inverter. The locking of the glass or crystal is pneumatic list.


Max. tool diameter 125mm
Installed power 2Kw
Water pressure 2Bar consumtion 3NL/min
Compressed air 6Bar consumtion 3NL/min


Lenght 2600mm
Width 1000mm
Height 1600mm
Weight 430 Kg


  • Diamond tools with different diameters and grits.
  • Water recycling tank complete cooling of wheels for positioning and pump for water circulation.