Automatic grinding CDO2

  • Automatic grinding CDO2
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The machine was designed and built for smoothing automatically for special glass or crystal having different shapes.


The machine is provided with two rotating press-glass heads on an angle that varies from 0 ° to 120 °. The heads are independent of each other, then the machine can work various articles between them at the same time. The pressure with which the heads act on particular glass or crystal is manually adjustable with the pressure regulator installed on the pistons and is independent between a head and the other. The stay in the glass processing is given by a timer present on both the heads, then independent between one and the other head. The speed of the diamond plateau is adjustable by inverter and viewable through the display on the front of the operator panel.


Plateau speeds from 0 to 1500g/min
Installed power 3,5 Kw
Compressed air 5/6 Bar consumtion 3NL/mni
Water pressure 2 Bar consumtion 2NL/min


Lenght 1200mm
Width 1000mm
Height 1850mm
Weight 480Kg


  • Plateau diamond with different diameters and grits.
  • stainless steel tank for recycling complete cooling water of wheels for the placement and pump for water recycling