Automatic flattening CDA

  • Automatic flattening CDA
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The machine is suitable for the flattening of pressed or blown articles cut by means of  diamond disc or thermic shock. Because it is equipped with a vacuum system, it is possibile work on this machine items of any shape, also very difficult.


The CDA machine has a flattening automatic head with a pneumatic autocentering mandrel with 3 or 4 chocks  on request. The diamond plate diameter 500 mm allows to flatten every shape of glass and crystal items.


Flattening capacity: Max diameter 350 mm
Min diameter: 20 mm
Max height: 400 mm
Min height: 20 mm
Installed power: 3,5  KW
Compressed air: 5 Bar – 10 Lt/min. 30 Lt/min if the machine works with vacuum system
Water: 10 Lt/min
Height: 2200 mm
Depth: 1400 mm
Width: 1300 mm
Weight: 900 Kgs.


Tank inox steel + pump for water recycling
Diamond plates (resin or metallic bond)
Shapes with sucker for vacuum system