Automatic engraving MM2-6-10

  • Automatic engraving MM2-6-10
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Artistic  decoration on glasses, bottles, cups , tableware etc.


The machines MM 2 – MM 6 –MM 10  have a technology that is unique for engraving the glass by means of diamond wheels.The quality of the work is the same like manual artistic quality with a bigger regularity. The system is leaded by a computer and decors are created by means of a logical of engraving. It is a technology without pollution because it does not need sand nor acid. The advantages of MM machines are : flexibility, facility of the operations,power of the work. There is no system that could be compared to this one in engraving operations. The worker must only load and unload the piece on the supports.


Installed power: V230 Installed power   M2: W250
M6: W350
M10: W550


M2 940x900x560
M10 1620x900x560