Automatic drill TGD2

  • Automatic drill TGD2
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Automatic drill with two opposite points studied for drilling crystal or glass items.


The drill has two drilling stations that are independent the one from the other one. Every station has two opposite points for drilling, one on the up side, the other one on the down side. On the head are placed the press glass with linear precision guides that are repaired from the water splashes and from the glass powders. The expulsion of the carrots is automatic. The shafts holding drills are made in inox special steel and they are mounted on precision bearings. The rotation speed of the reamers is adjusted by means of a speed reducer. The run of the upper head is 200 mm. The run of the head below is 200 mm.


Min diameter of drilling: 5 mm
Max diameter of drilling: 60 mm
Max diameter of the item to be drilled: 600 mm
Installed power: 3 KW
Compressed air: 5 Bar 6 Lt/min.
Water: 2-3 Bar 8 Lt/min.
Weight: 1500 Kg.
Height: 2200 mm
Depth: 1600 mm
Width:1800 mm


Inox tank + pump for water recycling
Diamond reamers