Automatic cutting and flattening TS5-1

  • Automatic cutting and flattening TS5-1
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The machine TS/5 has 5 axes controlled and it is built for cutting and grinding glass and crystal items fixed or turned blown. The work is made by means of diamond discs and wheels.


This machine utilizes two diamond discs diameter 350 mm for cutting the glass and crystal items, and also two diamond wheels diameter 200 mm, one for roughing and the other one for finishing. The axes are controlled and  independent the vertical one from the transversal one. The articles are held by means of a mandrel diameter 500 mm with 4 chocks. This mandrel is autocentring and the rotation speed is controlled.


Max diameter of the glass: 400 mm
Min  diameter of the glass: 0 mm
Max height of the glass: 400 mm
Min height  of the glass: 20 mm
Installed power: 6 KW
Air consumption: 6 Bar  Lt/min.5
Water consumption: 2-3 Bar  Lt/min. 6


Height: 2350 mm
Depth: 2000 mm
Width: 1700 mm
Weight: 1700 kgs
Electrical- electronical panel   800X500X1100 H


Vacuum system for holding the pieces
Inox tank + pump for water recycling
Diamod wheels and discs.