Workbench BMF

  • Workbench BMF
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Jewels, art in the glass mirrors, semi-precious stones like : coral, agate, jade etc.


On the top of the bench there are: High precision lathe Type TL2 complete with N° 4 mandrels: N° 1 mm. 20, N° 1 mm 12  N° 1 holding pliers mm. 3 and mm. 6, N° 1 threaded conic. Flattening machine Type CD 200 with diamond plate 200 mm. Saw machine Type DV 20 with diamond disc 200 mm., sliding plane with 250 mm. run. A little inox tank complete with pump is able to supply to the 3 machines the cooling water, and by means of a conveyor system the water is re-positioned into the tank (closed cycle). The lamps are 24 Volt.


Installed power: 400 VOLT 3 PHASES 50 HZ KW  2
Width: 2300 mm
Depth: 1000 mm
Height: 1700 mm
Approx. Weight: 240 kgs.


Inox tank complete with pump.