Water Tank TK - 150-300-500

  • Water Tank TK - 150-300-500


The water recycling tank is used to recover the water used for cooling the tools during machining by the machine.


Water to be recycled enters the tank by passing through the glass wool filter, once inside the dump tank at the bottom of this thanks to the inside bulkheads. The pump is pumped at the top of the tank, so the intake water is always cleaned by impurities and is ready for reuse.
The filter can be used for many work cycles, just remove it from its seat and clean it. The tank is entirely made of stainless steel and is virtually eternal. The tank is fitted with wheels for positioning near the machine.


Wheel Diameter 100/80mm
Tank drain Sleeve ¾ a gas
Pump power From 0,063 to 0,54 Hp
Pump stem height From 80 to 350mm


Lenght 1000-1000-1250
Width 600-600-800
Height 380-630-830


• Glass wool filter thicker.
• Wheel for 80 or 100mm positioning.
• Pumps of different power or stem.