Mould open and close Louis XIII

  • Mould open and close Louis XIII
Type of machine: 
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Machine planned for achieving crystal or glass pieces fixed blown.


The machine is equipped with a hydraulic central for opening and closing the mould. This operation is programmed on touch screen and is controlled by means of a PLC. A set of electrical resistances, placed on holding moulds plates, in a particular position that is decided from the analyses of the temperatures made by means of a computer, gives the heating of the mould and maintain the temperature constant during the work. The difference of the temperature on the moulds surface ìs negligible. The holding moulds plate placed on high precision Nadella guides under the floor, can lift 850 mm from the working position. This easily allows every control.


Installed power: 5 Kw
Resistance power: Variable
Air consumption: 1 LT/min 3 Bar


Width: 2000 mm
Depth: 2500 mm
Height: 1400 mm
Weight: 3000 kgs.