Manual linishing NAV2400x200

  • Manual linishing NAV2400x200
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The machine is for flattening, external bevelling and manual polishing on tops and bottoms of table items, crystal and glass objects, lighting articles.


The machine is built in inox steel. The rolls are dressed with a rubber anti-vibrations material, they are rectified and allow high rotation speeds of the abrasive belt, with a good output. The traditional abrasives, for example silicon carbide or corundum, can arrive to the best output, as well as the polishing belts (cork). With this machine is also possible to utilize diamond belts. The working place can be adjusted lifting or lowering a protection carter from 150 to 650 mm. The tension system of the abrasive belt is pneumatic. The standard development of the belt is 2400 x 200, but the most requested is also 2400x200. It is possibile to have other developments on request.


Max working place: 650 mm
Min working place: 150 mm
3 speeds on the abrasive belts
Water consumption: 10 LT/min. 2/3 Bar
Air consumption: 3 LT/min. 4 bar
Installed power: 3 KW


Height: 1900 mm
Depth: 850 mm
Width: 600 mm
Weight: 360 kgs.


Inox tanck with wheels and Pump for water recycling
Device for bevelling
Abrasive belts
Diamond belts
Polishing belts