Manual lathe T2P

  • Manual lathe T2P
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This lathe is very suitable for grinding small or big vases, objects for the table, but also for grinding artistical mirrors, blown glass and crystal items. It is destined to small studios or big crystal factories where the grinding is continuous.


This is a very precision machine that works using diamond wheels but also natural stone, ceramic, or silicon carbide wheels. The shaft holding wheels is manufactured with special nickel chrome steel and it is supported by a couple of  precision bearings. The forced lubrication with closed  cycle oil is assured by a continuous rotation pump. A motor KW 3 with inverter assures variable speeds from 0 to 4000 rpm. The technics of manufacturing (bushes-bearings with forced continuous lubrication), the precision and the solidity of this machine invited all the big crystal factories in the world to have it at work in their production cycles.


Installed power: 3,5 KW
Speed of the shaft from 0 to 4000 rpm by means of an inverter and digital revs counter
Water: 2-3 BarLT. 3/min.
Max diameter of the wheel: 400 mm
2 mandrels  with 20 mm. of diameter are included in the price of the machine. One of these mandrels is conic threaded for stone wheels with leaded hole.


Height: 1700 mm.
Depth: 900 mm.
Width: 1200 mm.
Weight: 400 kgs


Inox tank complete with pump for water recycling, available in 3 dimensions 150, 300 and 500 liters.
Mandrels holding wheels in mm. or in inches
Diamond, natural stone, ceramic and silicon carbide wheels.