Manual lathe T2

  • Manual lathe T2
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Engraving on blown and pressed crystal and glass objects.


High precision lathe for engraving by means of diamond wheels. The holding wheels shaft is supported with larges bushes and precision bearings. All the system is lubricated by oil by means of a pump in continuous rotation with closed cycle. The 8 speeds allow to utilize diamond, natural stone and silicon carbide wheels. The lathe is sold with two mandrels and service keys.


8 speeds from 275 to 4000 rpm
Motor of the holding wheels shaft HP 2,8
Motor of the pump for oil HP 0,18 
Max diameter of the wheel  400 mm
Water 2/3 Bar 3Lt./min  
Heigth 700 H 
Depth 600 mm 
Width 900 mm 
Weight 200 Kg

Inox tank with wheels and pum for war reccling
Holding wheels mandrels in mm. or inches
Diamond wheels