Manual flattening CDR500-600

  • Manual flattening CDR500-600
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Machine for grinding solid or hollow items and lighting articles.


It is a manual machine that utilizes diamond plates. It is very versatile and can resolve in a perfect way those grinding problems obtaining a big quality. This machine can change the working position from vertical to horizontal in order to give to the worker  the possibility to find the correct way to grind the items to be worked.


Diameter of the diamond plate: from 400 to 700 mm
Max diameter of the diamond plate: 700 mm
Diameter of the inox tank: 1000 mm
Installed power: 3 KW
6 speeds: from 320 to 1200 rpm
Water: 2-3 Bar  10 LT/Min


Height: 1100 mm
Depth: 1350 mm
Width: 1100 mm
Weight: 350 kgs.


Inox tank + pump for water recycle
Variator (inverter)
Metallic or resine diamond plates for raughing or finishing
Diamond conic wheels for inside threads