Manual flattening CD250-300D

  • Manual flattening CD250-300D
Type of machine: 
Type of processing: 


Machine for grinding glass, crystal, ceramic, optical items.


This machine is for manual grinding by means of diamond plates. The head holding tool can be arranged for diamond, adhesive and magnetic discs.


Max diameter of the diamond plate: 250 mm
Diameter of the inox tank: 330 mm
Installed power: KW 2
Diamond plate utilized:150-200-250 mm
4 speeds: from 600 to 2500 rpm
Water: 2-3 Bar LT. 5/min.


Height: 1000 mm
Depth: 900 mm
Width: 900 mm
Weight: 180 Kgs.


Inox tank + pump for water recycle
Variator (inverter)
Metallic or resine diamond plates for raughing or finishing
Diamond conic wheels for inside threads