Manual drill TG1

  • Manual drill TG1
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The manual drill TG/1 is a very strong machine which allows many types of works with correct tools and fixtures: drilling of optical glasses, lighting articles, drilling of ice buckets, stoppers flattening and boring.The machine can drill holes from 3 to 200 mm. It is also destined to little studios or small factories.


The machine is equipped with a pneumatic press glass which is adjustable by means of a pressure regulator and a control gauge. It is mounted on linear precision guides lodged inside the head, far from the glass powders and water splashes. The shaft reamers holding is inox steel made. It is mounted on precision bearings and it has a hole for the passages of cooling by means of a rotative joint. The table on which the glasses are put has 4 T  quarries for fixing fixtures for locking the glasses.Movements up and down of the table are made by means of an electromechanical system. The run of the press glass is 125 mm.


Min diameter of drilling: 3 mm
Max diameter of drilling: 200 mm
Max diameter of the glass: 800 mm
Max height from the table to the reamer: 700 mm
Run of the reamer holding: 150 mm
8 speeds for the reamer rotation: from 440 to 5300 rpm
Installed power: 3 KW
Compressed air: 5 Bar  LT.3/min.
Water: 2-3 Bar   Lt.10/min.


Height: 2100 mm
Depth: 1200 mm
Width: 900 mm
Weight: 400 kgs.


Inox tank + pump for cooling recycle.  Inverter for revs variation.
Pneumatic or mechanical fixtures for locking the glasses are manufactured according to the samples or drawings received from the customers.
Diamond reamers from 3 to 70 mm. Diamond syntherized bore for bottles and stoppers.