Manual cutting and flattening LM3

  • Manual cutting and flattening LM3
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LM3 is a machine with 2 heads for cutting and finishing small pieces for metallurgic control. It could be utilized for geology and mineralogy.


The cutting head is situated on the left side of the machine and is equipped with a diamond disc. The piece to be worked is placed on a support in order to cut  parallel faces. There is a very good lubrication on the contact piece-disc by means of a flexible tube easily moved. The finishing head is equipped with a diamond cup wheel. The piece (max 80x30 mm) is realized with a very good finishing.


Diamond disc diameter: 200 x1,5x5 H 20
Diamond wheel diameter: 150x5x5
Motor: 380 V 3 Phase  2800 rpm
Shaft mounted on precision bearing
Dimensions: 750x500x500 mm
Weight: 92 kgs