Manual bevelling SB

  • Manual bevelling SB
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This equipment is suitable for inside and outside bevelling on glass and crystal items  big or small dimensions, round, oval, shape. It is suitable for pressed, centrifuged or blown article.


The fixture type SB/2 has two independent motors. One is for the belt rotation. This belt is 670x50 on rubbered roll diameter 50 mm. The other one is for the diamond wheel rotation. The wheel is 70x20 H60. These two possibilities allow the bevelling on any item.


Installed power: 1KW
Water consumption: 5 LT/min  2/3 Bar
Diameter of the protection against the water sprays 600 mm


Width: 700 mm
Depth: 700 mm
Height: 1300 mm
Weight: 60 kgs