Manual and automatic cutting DV27C

  • Manual and automatic cutting DV27C
  • Manual and automatic cutting DV27C
  • Manual and automatic cutting DV27C
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The machine had been studied and manufactured for cutting different materials in different shapes. It is possible to cut: any glass type, crystal, any composite materials, rocks and any ceramic material utilizing the suitable tool. For cutting the more complex shapes, it is necessary to use particular devices, to be fixed on the holding piece table.


This cutter utilizes diamond blades continuous rim diameter from 300 to 500 mm. The dimensions of the table holding piece  made in aluminium plate thickness 30 mm are 550x500. This table has no. 4 T caves mm.10 and they are very suitable for fixing the devices holding piece. The run of the table is 600 mm. The sliding guides of the table are outside from the tank for collecting the water, they are far from this tank and from the abrasive material. The utilized guides are high precision. All the carter contacting the water are made in inox steel. From the axis of the  mandrel holding diamond blade to the working table there is an adjustable height till 500 mm. The machine is sold with, 150l inox tank with wheel and pump for water recycling;  rigid cover and centrifugal extractor.


Installed power: 4 KW
Speed 4 from: 1500 to 3000 Rpm
Water: 2-3 bar 5 l x min
Weight: applicable on the  table 1000 N
Diam. of the blade hole: 20 mm


Width: 1300 mm
Depth: 2500 mm
Height: 2100 mm
Weight: 5000 N


Devices for blocking the pieces on the table
Automatic advancing.
Variable speed with inverter (visualized on display).
Advancing controlled by means of brushless motor (set by touch screen).