Automatic drill TG1AB

  • Automatic drill TG1AB
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Automatic drill suitable for achieving carrots or holes in abrasive, natural stone, rock, glass, cement, bricks etc.etc blocks.


The drill has one holding reamer head, controlled by means of one brushless motor. The fast speed to put the reamer near  to the piece to be worked, and the advancing speed during the drilling, are programmed by means of touch screen placed on the front panel. Besides it is possible to set the interval during the drilling. These breaks allow the unloading of the material residues inside the diamond reamer and inside the hole. These residues could give some useless efforts to the reamer rotation with a possible seizing of it. The rotation speed of the reamer is adjustable by means of an inverter and is visible on display on the main panel near touch screen.


Alimentation: 380-400 Volt
Power: 5 KW
Water: 2-3 Bar  6 lt/min
Min. diameter of the hole: 15 mm
Max. diameter of the hole: 150 mm
Item Max diameter: 800 mm
Item Max height: 350 mm
Max run of the reamer: 480 mm
Dimensions of the table: 810x810 mm with 4 T caves
Max.reamer revs: 250-2500 rpm


Width: 1400 mm
Depth: 1100 mm
Height: 2200 mm
Weight: Kgs. 600


Bigger diameter of the hole
Diamond reamers
Tank + pump for water  recycling
Special devices for centering and blocking Items to be drilled