Automatic cutting TS4-1

  • Automatic cutting TS4-1
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This automatic machine is for cutting and grinding  glass or crystal articles for lighting or other applications in big diameter. Normally this is a machine for working pressed and centrifuged items.


The machine utilizes 2 diamond discs diameter 350 mm and one diamond wheel with a special throat diameter 150 mm. The article is held by means of a vacuum system and it is cut by means of 2 discs that work simultaneously. After cutting the diamond wheel grinds the edge of the article. The control of 4 axis is made by the keyboard that is on the machine and it is visualized.


Max diameter of the article: 650 mm
Min diameter of the article: 20 mm
Max height of the article: 400 mm
Min height of the article: 20 mm
Installed power: 6 KW
Compressed air: 6 Bar  20 LT/min.
Water consumption: 15 LT/min.


Height: 2800 mm
Depth: 2000 mm
Width: 2400 mm
Approx weight: 2200 kgs.


Diamond discs diameter 350 mm
Throat diamond wheel
Tank with pump for water recycle
Centrifuge for the separation the glass   from the water