Automatic crack-of SC4

  • Automatic crack-of SC4
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The SC4, a four heads automatic crack-off machine type SC4 has been designed for manual glass and crystal operations. This machine is generally associated with the NAV and the S81 grinding machines. Its operation and control are easy and t can process a wide variety of glass articles.


Rotating machine with six stations:

  • Loading
  • Scoring
  • Thermal  shocking
  • Unloading

Stemware or tumblers are held by means of a mandrel with 3 clamps with pneumatic blocking.

Crack off:

  • Scoring by tool in hard material or diamond.
  • Thermal shock by 3 burners each 5 flames 0.5 mm . Simultaneous adjustment and independent feeding of each burner by an oxigen-gas mixed.
  • Micrometric height adjustment.

Manual loading and unloading; speed rotation of the mandrels controlled by means of inverter.


Height before crack-off Min. 80; Max. 350
Height after crack-off Min. 55; Max. 250
Moil diameter: Max. 160
Diameter at the lip: Min. 30; Max. 135
Foot diameter: Min. 30; Max. 90
Glass thickness at the lip: Min. 0.8; Max. 5
Maximum output 15 pcs/min according to the glass.
Control cabinet On the machine with all the controls.
Electric power: 3 Kw
Compressed air: at 5 Bar 10 Lt/min
Propane gas at: 0.4 Bar Oxigen 0,5 Bar


Lenght: 1350 mm
Width: 1200
Height: 2100
Weight: 700 Kg


Bars for incision in hard metal (Widia)